My Holiday GC was born with the complexity of puzzling together our client’s needs of wanting to enjoy their property in the sun as well as giving the opportunity to others to enjoy the same and economically benefit from the same !!

My Holiday GC gives our hosts and happy home owners the brilliant solution they have always looked for: Enjoy their holiday home whenever they wish to as well as rent it and give all the visitors to our lovely island an opportunity to do so.

To all those holiday makers who not looking for the same, who want something different, personal, unique and different; then every home has its own unique, distinct charm and décor which shall make your stay in Gran Canaria completely different and make you see and experience our island in a more personal manner.

You tired of checking in and checking out?? You prefer cooking your own breakfast rather than queueing up for the same old bacon and eggs!! Then come enjoy and experience Gran Canaria as you have never done before. Choose your own accommodation, décor and style and merge into the lifestyle of the Canarians.


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